LaTeX tutorial

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Instructor: Professor Dionne M. Aleman ()

Tutorial documents - please review before the actual tutorial

Why LaTeX?

Are you tired of slaving away for hours at a Microsoft Word document, only to have your complex equations look messy and unprofessional? Or have Word crash, causing hundreds of pages to be lost or corrupted? Or have images mysteriously disappear while you try to move them just one line up or down on the page? Have you experienced the challenges of trying to create and manage a bibliography, or number your tables, equations, and figures in a robust way in MS Word?

Fear not -- those days are over! This tutorial will teach you how to use LaTeX, the standard typesetting package for mathematical and scientific research. LaTeX will make your equations look sleek and sophisticated (and it will take only seconds to write them); your figures and tables numbered transparently; your bibliography perfectly ordered and formatted without any effort on your part. LaTeX lets you focus on writing about your work, rather than wasting your time by requiring you to focus on correcting formatting glitches and navigating through endless toolbars. Don't write another research paper without attending this tutorial!