Simultaneous optimization of isocenter locations and sector duration in radiosurgery


Stereotactic radiosurgery is an effective technique to treat brain tumors for which several inverse planning methods may be appropriate. We propose an integer programming model to simultaneous sector duration and isocenter optimization (SDIO) problem for Leksell Gamma Knife ® Icon TM (Elekta, Stockholm, Sweden) to tractably incorporate treatment time. We devise a Benders decomposition scheme to solve the SDIO problem to optimality. The performances of our approaches are assessed using anonymized data from eight previously treated cases, and obtained treatment plans are compared against each other and against the clinical plans. The plans generated by our SDIO model all meet or exceed clinical guidelines while demonstrating high conformity.

Physics in Medicine and Biology
Dionne M. Aleman, PhD, PEng
Dionne M. Aleman, PhD, PEng
Professor of Industrial Engineering