March, 11 2014

Reflect. Unite. Celebrate. featured on the UofT Engineering homepage!

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December, 16 2012 — What a great turnout!

NSBE High School Conference

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October, 14 2012 — Thanks to everyone who came out!

An Amazing Mentorship Opportunity!

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Welcome to NSBE at the University of Toronto

Reflect. Unite. Celebrate.

What a success! If you missed it, Reflect. Unite. Celebrate. was an outstanding evening of performances, food, and discussion. The purpose of the event was to reflect on our past and unique cultures, unite in our vision for a more inclusive society, and celebrate the uniqueness that our cultures offer.

The event saw students, faculty, and staff from across the university gather for a fun evening. The performances were amazing, and the food absolutely delicious. The discussion was reflective and inclusive, and touched on many current issues. The event was even featured on the University of Toronto, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Homepage!

If you feel like you missed out, come out to a our events over the next few weeks; you won't be disappointed!


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