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Executive Board

These are the members of the NSBE UofT Chapter Executive Board.

President - Andrew Brown


My name is Andrew Brown, and I am happy to be your President for the 2013-2014 school year. I am currently completing my final year in Mechanical Engineering. This year, NSBE University of Toronto is looking to better serve the needs of its membership, and the surrounding community. I hope you'll join us as we continue to excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the local community in new and better ways!

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Vice President - Oti Agbeyegbe

Program: Industrial Engineering
What you are doing this upcoming year: I am returning from a very interesting PEY term at BlackBerry where I was working as a Project Coordinator. I am looking forward to returning to school to finish up my 4th year. I will be working on two diverse design projects this upcoming year in addition to being a member of the NSBE UofT CEB and a member of the NSBE UofT TORCH Committee
A little about yourself and how you became involved with NSBE: I remember being dragged into my first NSBE meeting in my first year at UofT. I did not think NSBE would become such a big part of my life. Looking back on it now it was probably the best decision I have made in my university life. I have previously served as the PCI Chair for two years. In this time, I was able to establish some new events and bring NSBE to some new places in the GTA while growing existing PCI initiatives.
Your vision for NSBE UofT this year and how you plan to use your position to fulfill the NSBE mission: This year I hope to build on the amazing job that was done by the 2012-2013 CEB. I plan to make NSBE more visible around campus and I plan to make our events more accessible to the entire UofT population. I plan to increase our collaborative efforts with other student groups while allowing our membership to experience a diverse array of events. Lastly, I plan to use my position to uphold the NSBE mission through the provision of amazing initiatives to further the personal and professional development of my peers.

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Administrative Director - Dimpho Radebe

Program: Industrial Engineering

What I am doing this upcoming year: PEY at CIBC
                                                                                                                                        A little about yourself and how you became involved with NSBE: I have been involved with NSBE since my first year. I started out on the PCI committee, followed by the Programs Committee. Last year I was the Programs Chair and I am currently in the Admin role. Through my years in NSBE I have learnt a lot about myself, NSBE as an organisation, and what I want to achieve after graduating from UofT. This year I hope to contribute to NSBE by giving it some structure and documenting everything that we do, so that the transition from year to year becomes easier and NSBE UofT can become more successful.

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Treasurer - Charles Ozulumba

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Assistant Treasurer - Hussein Warfa

My name is Hussein Warfa and I just completed my 3rd year in Chemical Engineering and currently working at Nexen Inc. This is my first year being in the board and I hope to continue the excellent work done by the exec board of 2012-2013. As assistant treasurer for the year 2013 - 2014, I will ensure the club's transactions are accurate and up-to-date while also collaborating with the treasurer in increasing club funding that will help facilitate the year long events. I hope you will join us and make the most of your student experience!

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Programs Director - Tutu Udoh-Orok

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Torch (PCI) Chair - Akira Neckles

My name is Akira Neckles; I am currently in my second year of Chemical Engineering. I am very privileged to be the NSBE U of T chapter’s NSBE Jr. Director for 2013-2014 academic year. I hope to bring new and creative ideas to the board in order to make the upcoming year a success.  I believe a chance for change needs a mindset of determination and positivity.  Therefore, I am determined to make a change in the lives of many youth and elderly people across Toronto.

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Membership Chair - Tolbert Akanni

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Promotions Chair - Justin Williams

Hello everyone. My name is Justin, and I have recently finished my 1st year of Chemical engineering. I am excited to be the NSBE UofT Chapter Promotions Chair for the 2013-2014 academic year. Coming out of first year I hope to bring fresh ideas to the board and do my best to promote NSBE in a positive manner and increase membership.

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