March, 11 2014

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Academic Programs


NSBE U of T's academic programs consists of a selection of events aimed at developing the academic and technical potential of our membership. The Academic Programs include:

  1. Get to Know NSBE - Mentorship & Social Event
  2. Career Series

Get to Know NSBE - Mentorship & Social Event

Recurring event that we have held previously that's aimed at pairing up undergrad students with NSBE alumni. A lot of our alumni are working at great companies like P&G, and many more have started their own successful companies. The mentorship program is aimed at creating a partnership where both the undergrad student and the alumnus are fully invested and committed to updating each other regularly. Additionally, mentors will be able to provide support and feedback to students on career information, resumes and key industries. The event will end off with social networking - students will have the opportunity to relax and take a break from school and find out more about NSBE.

Career Series

In collaboration with the University of Toronto’s Engineering Career Centre, there will be workshops dedicated to preparing NSBE members with their job applications for PEY and summer opportunities. These workshops will provide them with information and guidance on how to succeed during the second stage of job application by exploring interview etiquettes through an interview workshop, and sharing PEY-specific guidelines, tips and experiences through a PEY Panel. This program will facilitate the utilization of our student resources and specialists at the Career centre, towards assisting the NSBE members in an engaging forum.


Exam Preparation

University of Toronto Engineering Society Exams Database - Going through old exams and then comparing answers with your friends is a great way to get ready for your exams.
Past finals can be found here, there are also midterms, quizzes and problem sets for some courses.
Speaking of cheat sheets, make one as you are studying or completing your problem sets for each of your courses – you will thank yourself later. When midterms come around and you are pressed for time, well-written cheat sheets are the best way to refresh your memory on all the key definitions, formulae and rules you need to know. Besides, if you are allowed a cheat sheet in your exam, you will have one already prepared.
Other Places to go for Academic Help:
  • Fellow classmates and friendly upper year students are probably your best resource when it you are stuck with your problem set and/or assignments.
  • If you need extra help understanding concepts, don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask the professor after class or during office hours. Besides your professor, you can ask your course TA to go over specific problems in tutorials. Several engineering disciplines clubs offer extra-help sessions after class. NSBE U of T can also provide tutoring if one of our upper year students is available to help. The sooner you ask for help the better, because sometimes a gap in understanding key concepts may negatively impact your understanding of the rest of the course and ultimately, your performance in the whole course.
  • If you are concerned about your academic progress, don’t hesitate to speak to your Departmental Academic Counsellor. They are very supportive and are the best resource on how best to improve your performance.
  • For more information on academic, financial and personal support offered by the Faculty of Engineering, visit the Faculty’s website for undergraduates.
  • You can also contact us for assistance.


Final Word


All work and no play will slowly run you into the ground. Take the time to participate in a few of the NSBE U of T chapter activities, such as the welcome back parties at the beginning of the term, membership meetings, community and campus events and workshops. Not only will you learn something new, you will be able to de-stress. Also, by participating and helping to organize some of the chapter events you will gain valuable leadership, communication and teamwork skills which you can include in your resume when you are applying for summer jobs or internships.

We want to see you succeed!