March, 11 2014

Reflect. Unite. Celebrate. featured on the UofT Engineering homepage!

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December, 16 2012 — What a great turnout!

NSBE High School Conference

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October, 14 2012 — Thanks to everyone who came out!

An Amazing Mentorship Opportunity!

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Social Programs


The NSBE U ofT chapter understands the importance of balancing the academic and social components in life. This balance of academic studies with the interactions with peers serves to boost one's academic ability while fostering community among university students. NSBE U of T's social program consists of events that allow students to enjoy leisure time with cohorts, get to know other students outside of the classroom and develop networking skills. All our events can be found on our calendar. The events that fall under the Social Programming are :

  1. General Meetings 
  2. Games Night
  3. Movie Night
  4. Etiquette Dinner


General Meetings (1 and 2)

General meetings are where you get to meet NSBE U of T. This is where we show you all that we're about, what we have to offer, and what you can get involved in. We have academic and professional development events, social events, and high school outreach initiatives; all of which you can benefit from or get involved with. We have one each semester so if you miss the first one, don't despair. There will be food and drinks so bring a buddy and come check us out!


Games Night 

This year for Games Night we went to Castle Board Game Cafe as a group. We enjoyed an evening of playing board games together with the game Taboo being a favourite. Other games were played and everyone had a good time playing games with each other.   

Movie Night

This year will be going to the theatre as a group to watch a the newly released movie. This is a very causal event similar to games night meant for enjoyment and bonding. We will be taking movie suggestions prior to the date we go on the Facebook event page.


Appreciation Dinner

Etiquette Dinner is a dinner where NSBE U of T members, faculty, alumni and sponsors all come together to recognize the work that NSBE U of T has done over the past year and for us to show our appreciation for all the support we receive. It will be a semi-formal occasion that will include awards, food, and networking opportunities.